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Laura can help you to:

  • Speak with confidence and authority
  • Increase your vocal impact
  • Use your voice in an interesting and enthusiastic manner
  • Reduce the nerves and tensions that can affect the voice
  • Eliminate the barriers to good vocal usage
  • Get your voice heard in the boardroom
  • Keep your audience listening
  • Look after your voice and keep it healthy

She can also help you with the following:

  • Improved breathing technique
  • Extended vocal range
  • Richer tone
  • Clearer diction
  • Positive postural habits
  • Appropriate pacing and timing
  • Impact at meetings
  • Presentations
  • Conference speeches
  • Autocue technique
  • Tele-conferences  

You can develop your voice via one of two ways:

  • One to one coaching

  • Speaking skills courses

One to One Coaching
with senior managers, executives and professionals

  • Aims to raise your profile by improving your overall speaking skills whether in meetings, delivering presentations or conference speeches.
  • Works on specific speeches for important presentations or conferences

One to One Coaching
with executives for whom English is an additional language;
where an individual’s language competency is very high but their ability to get their message across is hampered by other elements in their speech.

Laura helps individuals to:

  • Understand how they come across and listen to the speech patterns they use
  • Learn to use the rhythm and intonation pattern of British English.
  • Understand the impact of consonants and the importance of vowel sounds
  • Use the correct stress / emphasis on words – focusing on business vocabulary

Speaking Skills Courses
These are practical and highly participative courses which concentrate on preparation for performance, encouraging individuality and maximising impact.

The courses will help individuals to:

  • Understand the physiological aspects of speaking and the role of the voice within the communication process
  • Improve their Vocal skills through specific exercises
  • Understand the impact of nerves and stress on the voice
  • Gain varied and innovative ideas on how to approach the rehearsal and preparation stage of delivering a presentation or speech

  • Gain greater self-awareness in order to identify both the positive and the negative aspects of your performance
  • Be advised on a specific course of action designed to build on strengths and improve your performance

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